Magome-juku is a former post town from the Edo period, located in Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture, along the historic Nakasendo’s Kiso Road. It is a popular tourist spot known for its picturesque historical Japanese townscape and scenery. The Nakasendo Trail from Magome-juku to the neighboring Tsumago-juku is a hiking course about 8 kilometers long. It is recommended to walk while enjoying the nature and beautiful scenery, feeling like a traveler from the Edo period.


The Nakasendo is a route connecting Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto, and is one of the five routes of the Edo period along with the Tokaido, Nikko Kaido, Oshu Kaido, and Koshu Kaido, which began to be developed in 1601.
Magome-juku is the 43rd post town out of the 96 post towns from Edo(Tokyo) to Kyoto.

Magomejuku 馬籠宿

This is our second visit to Nakasendo Kiso Road, with the first visit being about 20 years ago. Compared to before, Magome has become easier to walk through, as the paths have been beautifully paved with cobblestones.

中山道・木曽路を訪れるのは今回が 2度目で、最初の訪問は約20年前でした。馬籠は以前と比べ道が石畳で綺麗に舗装され歩きやすくなっていました。

Magomejuku 馬籠宿

About 20 years ago, when we visited Magome-juku during a trip from Germany to Japan, we stayed overnight with our child to experience lodging in a traditional Japanese house. 
The inn where we stayed (Magome Chaya: Photo) still remains unchanged, and it was touching to see it again. This inn has a restaurant across the street where meals are served. It is located at the best spot to view the sunset over Magome.


One of the photo spots in Magome: The Watermill

Magome 馬籠宿

Among the several watermills in Magome, the one with the largest watermill serves as a rest area.
The view from beside this building is also wonderful when you climb up the steps and look back.


View from Magome Lookout Point 馬籠 陣場上展望台からの眺め

Magomejuku 馬籠宿

By climbing this slope you can reach the lookout point, which offers beautiful views of the Kiso Mountains (Central Alps) surrounding Magome-juku and Mount Ena with an elevation of 2,191 meters.


We enjoyed the magnificent natural scenery of Kiso from this lookout, located at the highest point in Magome-juku. 馬籠宿で一番高い場所に位置するこの展望台から、木曽の大自然を楽しみました。

Magome to Tsumago 馬籠から妻籠へ

Magome to Tsumago

The Nakasendo Trail from Magome-juku to the neighboring Tsumago-juku is a hiking course about 8 kilometers long. It is recommended to walk while enjoying the nature and beautiful scenery, feeling like a traveler from the Edo period.

Last time, we stayed overnight in Magome-juku and walked the Nakasendo hiking course to Tsumago-juku the next day. If you use the luggage delivery service, they will transport your bags (such as suitcases) to Tsumago. Temporary baggage storage service is also available for same-day trips. (URL is provided at the end of the blog).

Before walking the Nakasendo Trail from Magome-juku to Tsumago-juku, we asked about the hiking course at the tourist information center. The staff gave our child a “bear bell” and advised us to ring it while walking to keep the bears away. Currently, the bells are lent out on a deposit basis.

This time we traveled by car from Magome-juku to Tsumago-juku, since we had already walked the Nakasendo Trail before. In Magome-juku, you can park your car for free. However, in Tsumago-juku, there are three municipal paid parking lots, so you will need to use these parking facilities if you go by car.





Odaki Medaki 男滝女滝

This path leads to Tsumago-juku. この道は妻籠宿へと続きます。

The stone-paved Nakasendo Trail and the watermill hut

On the way to Magome Pass, there is a watermill hut. Next to the parking space opposite the watermill hut, you will find the stone-paved Nakasendo Trail.


Odaki Medaki 男滝女滝

“Male and Female Waterfalls” (Otaki Metaki ), a tourist spot located along the Nakasendo Road, ca. 4.7 km from Magome-juku and ca. 3.3 km from Tsumago-juku. The waterfall on the left side is the male waterfall, and the one on the right side is the female waterfall. These waterfalls have been cherished as a place of relaxation and a famous spot since the road was first constructed. Around this area, any tourists from overseas can be seen walking along the old Nakasendo Road.


Local specialties 郷土食

Magome local cuisine Goheimochi

During this trip to Magome-juku, we enjoyed the local specialties of Nakatsugawa, gohei mochi, and soba(buckwheat) noodles, once again. 今回の馬籠宿旅行でも中津川の郷土食である五平餅と蕎麦を美味しくいただきました。

Address/所在地:Magome, Nakatsugawa City, Gifu, Japan 岐阜県中津川市馬籠

🗺 Here is the external link to the official Magome-juku tourist information center website (for the details of the luggage delivery service, map and so on.)